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Corporate finance services in detail

M&A, litigation support, valuation, financial modelling and debt capital raising.


Mergers and acquisitions take various shapes and forms. When it comes to closing deals, the ability to listen and understand is as important as technical expertise and a strong track record. We have been active in this field since 1998, locally and internationally.

M&A Buy-Side

Companies wishing to expand their footprint contact us to identify and approach targets fitting their strategic profile. This requires deep market knowledge, experience and skills, as not all companies like to be approached in the same way. Also, the best fit is not always where you may think at first.

M&A Sell-Side

Corporate players regularly decide to sell businesses that are no longer aligned with group strategy. This requires clearly defined processes and an excellent execution capacity, where market analysis and confidentiality are key constraints.

Family Successions

This is similar in nature to traditional M&A sell side mandates but requires a different skill set, as transactions are usually more emotional. Therefore, the ability to listen is even more important in these situations. We have built a reputation as competent advisors in the Luxembourg SME community.

Management Buy-Outs

The sale of a company to current or new management is another special case of M&A transactions. Buy-outs must be tailored to the specific realities of each party, including the seller, the management team, the company as well as banks or third-party financiers. This requires vision and creativity in addition to experience.


We provide highly qualified input to any valuation discussion, based on proven skills and deep valuation experience. We have conducted valuations in connection with legal requirements, M&A buy- and sell-side transactions, family asset sharing as well as during litigations.

Financial Modelling

We build clean, robust and user-friendly financial models that facilitate financial or operational decision making.

Litigation Support

We regularly work with law firms or clients in connection with litigations, often aiming to find reasonable compromises avoiding lengthy and costly procedures. We also have acted as independent expert appointed by the court of Luxembourg, and as technical expert in an arbitrage ruled at the International Commerce Chamber (CCI) in Paris. 

Debt Capital Raising

The best way to convince lenders is a compelling business case. We are skilled in putting forward the strengths of your project with the right words and numbers.

Strategy services in detail

We specialise in strategy consulting services designed to drive growth, enhance operational efficiency, and move your organisation towards its long-term objectives. Our integrated strategy consulting services ensure that you not only formulate the right strategy but also implement it effectively. 

Corporate strategy

Our corporate strategy services are centered around defining your company's overarching vision, mission and values, setting concrete goals, and identifying the paths to achieve them. We collaborate with you to understand your market dynamics, competitive landscape, and internal capabilities to develop a robust corporate strategy that aligns with your core values and business objectives. Through market analysis, scenario planning, and strategic foresight, we help you position your company to capitalise on opportunities and navigate challenges, ensuring sustainable growth and shareholder value maximisation.

Operational strategy

Recognising that the execution of corporate strategies is deeply intertwined with operational effectiveness, our operational strategy services focus on enhancing your business processes, organisational structure, and management systems. We work closely with you to streamline operations, improve process efficiency, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. By optimising your organisational design and processes, we ensure that your day-to-day operations are fully aligned with your broader strategic goals, driving operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Governance Services in detail

We help you building a best-practice governance structure that not only meets current needs, but also anticipates future challenges. 

Governance Frameworks

We assist in the development and refinement of governance structures aiming to balance board oversight with management empowerment, enabling executives to guide the organisation effectively while remaining open to board-driven innovation and operational excellence. Our approach ensures your governance framework is equipped to handle key challenges, from compliance, conflict of interest and risk management to stakeholder engagement and corporate responsibility.

Board and Executive Support

Effective governance starts at the top. We offer support services for boards and executive teams, including board composition and structure, executive roles and responsibilities, and the development of effective board processes.

Family Governance

Blending the above in a family context is a stimulating and gratifying experience, thanks to its human touch and the speed at which recommendations can be implemented. Owners often overlap with decision makers, and characters and skills of family members often cover a wide spectrum. Our added value is to help you tailor an effective and robust governance protecting shareholder interests in the long run.

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