Track record

Corporate Finance


Services provided to entrepreneurs and family office clients


  1. CHF 50 million debt capital raising. Assistance in the compilation of the investment memorandum on behalf of a privately held Swiss industrial company.
  2. EUR 8 million equity capital raising. Information memorandum compilation, investor research and negotiation assistance.
  3. Disposal of an 80-staff family-owned business. Information memorandum compilation, market screening, negotiation assistance to the sellers.
  4. Minority shareholder assistance. Support to a private shareholder in a EUR 1.5 billion revenue company co-owned by private equity fund, trying to squeeze him out on unfair terms.
  5. M&A buy-side assistance. Working for a high net worth individual seeking to acquire a Luxembourg bank.
  6. Business plan for a EUR 50 million project. Decision support in a landmark project, for the equity investor as well as the syndicate of funding banks.


Services provided to institutional clients


  1. Assistance with a shareholder dispute. Advice to institutional shareholders on the financial interpretation of a shareholder agreement.
  2. M&A buy-side assistance. Assistance to a Luxembourg bank seeking to acquire the private banking arm of competing bank.
  3. Strategy and organisational assistance to a key institutional player in the finance sector. Analysis of processes and corporate culture. Streamlining of client and product base. Numerical simulation of proposed changes. Assistance in the implementation of our recommendations.
  4. Assistance to an investment fund in connection with a £70 million property redevelopment project. Strategic advice, market analysis and financial modelling.
  5. Disposal of a bank’s corporate trust services department through an auction process. Maximisation of value to the seller.
  6. Business planning and modelling assistance for a key player in the healthcare sector. Analysis of going-forward profitability.
  7. Company valuation. Complex valuation of an affiliate of a listed company facing liquidation.



Social engagement


We act as coach in a Luxembourg contest of social projects, 1,2,3 Go Social.

We provide pro-bono advice in the strategic reorientation of a French non-profit organisation dedicated to helping individuals and families in need of food and basic assistance.
We support several non-profit organisations in Luxembourg and abroad.